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About Us

Luna B was created by Bahar Bürker in 2022, inspired by bold and elegant spirit of the modern woman. 

The fascinating nature of the Luna B woman inspires her to explore and discover the deepness of her soul with confidence and elegance.

The Luna B woman’s authentic nature is expressed through the unique textures she wears. 

Through the elegant and gentle textures, her adventurous spirit is let out! 

The elaborate details and designs pave the way for the Luna B woman to explore and express her unique and genuine inner world.

Be ready to discover the hidden side of your soul, full of harmonious details and patterns that match the essence of nature. 

Let nature be your inspiration and devote yourself to feeling, touching, and experiencing all your surroundings.

With Luna B by your side, escape to a world of elegance full of adventures and discover new sides of your spirit that are full of energy and desire for new experiences !